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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jun-2018Application of Pre-Anesthesia Checklist in Patients Undergoing Operation in Public Hospitals in Sana'a City-YemenAl-Ansi, Ahmed Y.; Al-Rabeei, Nabil; Al-Kohlani, Abdulwahab Ali
1-Jun-2018Distribution of Therapeutic and FDA Pregnancy Categories among Drugs Prescribed for Pregnant Women in Sana`a, YemenThabit, Anes A. M.; Al-Rabeei, Nabil
1-Jun-2017Investigation of Essential Oil of Melissa Officinalis for Acute and Sub-Chronic Oral ToxicityRashad, Alnamer; Al-Rabeei, Nabil
1-Dec-2018Knowledge and Skills of Midwives toward Eclampsia In Public Hospitals In Sana’a, City-YemenAl-Rabeei, Nabil; Al-Dubhani, Afrah M.; Alrubaiee, Gamil G; Al-Shaabi, Yousef A.; Dallak, Abdulsalam M.
1-Dec-2018Nutritional Status and Associated Factors among Basic School children in Sana'a City-YemenAl-Dubhani, Afrah M.; Al-Rabeei, Nabil; Abol-Gaith, Fawz M.
1-Jun-2018Patients Satisfaction toward Anesthesia Services at Public Hospitals in Sana'a City-YemenAl-Rabeei, Nabil; Al-Ansi, Ahmed; Al-Kohlani, Abdulwahab Ali; Al-Awadi, Fathia Gazem
1-Jun-2018Prevalence of Bacterial Hands Contamination among Al-Razi University Students in Sana'a City, YemenAklan, Nabila Shaif; Al-Rabeei, Nabil
1-Dec-2018Seroprevalence of HIV, Hepatitis B and C Virus Infections Among Voluntary and Replacement Blood Donors Attending Al-Sabeen Hospital, Blood Bank, Sana' a CityBanafa, Amal M. H.; Al-Rabeei, Nabil
1-Jul-2018Workplace Violence against Nurses at Public Hospitals in Sana'a City-YemenAl-Wsaby, Sadek Abdu Mohamed; Al-Rabeei, Nabil; Al-Kohlani, Abdulwahab; Al-Gradi, Abdoul Fatah Saleh