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Title: Coblation-Assissted Tonsillectomy in Hospital University Sains, Malaysia: A Case Report
Other Titles: Khaled Ali Othrub Department of ENT-HNS, General Military Hospital, Sana, a City-Yemen Correspondence to: Khaled Ali Othrub,
Authors: Othrub, Khaled Ali
Keywords: Coblation-Assissted Tonsillectomy
Hospital University Sains
Issue Date: 1-Jun-2018
Publisher: alraziuniversity journal for medical sciences
Citation: Coblation-Assissted Tonsillectomy in Hospital University Sains, Malaysia: A Case Report
Abstract: Innovative new techniques in ENTHNS to resect tonsillar tissue have been described in the recent literature. We report the first case of a patient who underwent surgery for palatine tonsils removal (tonsillectomy) utilizing coblation method under general anesthesia in the hospital of University Sains Malaysia (USM). Coblation is a method used by ENT surgeons to perform tonsillectomy, adenoidectomy and other surgical procedures. Coblation method use radiofrequency ablation (RFA) as a form of energy similar to radio waves energy but with a higher frequency. Using a newly developed technology in ENT surgical procedures as a Coblation method to remove palatine tonsils results in significantly less postoperative pain and a quicker return to normal eating and activity than other conventional methods. In addition to the advantages of this method during tissue resection, coblation causes minimal harm to healthy tissue and less incidence to postoperative nausea and throat swelling.¹ˉ³ Case presentation A 12 years old patient Malay female was electively admitted to otorhinolaryngology-Head and Neck surgery, Hospital University Sains Malaysia for adenotonsilectomy and bilateral myringotomy and grommet insertion. The patient initially was referred to department for hearing loss. PTA and Tympanometry were done with bilateral conductive hearing loss. The finding after physical examination was documented as allergic rhinitis and chronic hypertrophy of palatine tonsils grade III. Adenoid hypertrophy was also documented by rhinopharyngoscopy. Patient was underwent for tonsillectomy using coblation method. This case of coblation-assissted tonsillectomy is the first surgical procedure to remove palatine tonsils using radiofrequency ablation technique (RFA) ―coblation‖ in our center. The patient reported minimum discomfort on postoperative day 1, which was managed with pain killer only.
ISSN: 2616-6143
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